About Gatecraft Gates

Hardwood Wooden Gates, Sliding Gates & Automatic Gates

At Gatecraft the bespoke gates we produce are of the highest standard, as we have years of experience with a variety of styles and specifications. You can be assured that whether they are sliding or swing, automated or manual, the finished product is of peerless quality.

We work solely in hardwood, which has the advantage over softwood because the material is naturally stable and durable. A greater initial cost for high quality hardwood will extend the service life of your gates for decades, offering you long term value for money.

The Weald gate

This beautiful gate is called the Weald. To see more designs head on over to our Gallery Page


Extruded foot with posthead

The steel which comprises the backbone of our gateposts always extends at least 600 mm or more, into the ground, before it is affixed to a concrete foundation. Here you can see the extruding steel foot before we coat it in red oxide paint which defends against rust and decay.

Chamfer paint
Steel Bar Foot visible

We chamfer, to varying degrees, the vertices of all our finished gates. The flat bevelled edge allows paints to hold more reliably than a sharp corner where it is likely to peel.

Here you can see a 250mm steel foot where it is attached to the bottom of the hanging stile of a gate. This distributes weight along the gate and stops the hinge from holding too much pressure.