Craftsmanship of our Gates

To build a top quality hard wood gate it is vital that the right materials are used and that skilled craftsmen carry out the construction.

We use mortise and tenon joints “right through”, which are wedged, dowelled and fixed with weatherproof boat-building glue to increase the strength and longevity of our gates. We have complete confidence in this time tested construction method. You may find some wooden gate builders use a stub or blind tenon, in which the tenon (the extruding finger of the joint) only extends halfway into the mortised timber. This takes half the time – but is only a half job!

Our wooden gates are 70 mm finish thick with a steel reinforced bottom rail to spread the load of an underground motor the full length of the gate, rather than an eight or twelve inch shoe. This reduces pressure and the long-term effects of wear on the motor, extending its work-life to meet our guarantee.

On this page you can see an example of “stop chamfering”. This is a bevel created by removing the timber’s corner or arris. When stopped they are in a decorative form before the connection of the next piece of timber. We machine the cladding to our own unique profile to allow for any expansion and contraction. Two coats of stain are applied as standard. All fixings are non-ferrous and hammered in manually. 

To view photographs of many of our finished gates head over to our Gallery Page.

Gate under construction

“Stop Chamfering, a bevel created by removing the timber’s corner or arris”